GHF Unity Park RFQ

Greenville Housing Fund announced its latest Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a property adjacent to Unity Park, which presents a prime opportunity for an affordable homeownership [...]

Check out Century Plaza

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Two local women, Sheryl Pierce and Brittany Cannon, described their personal journeys to finding quality, attainable housing at a ribbon-cutting to celebrate the completion of [...]

Notes on LIHTC

Earlier this week Bryan Brown and Libba King from our team got the opportunity to talk more about what is happening with affordable housing with a Greenville County Council Committee chaired by [...]

Let’s talk vouchers

It’s always a pleasure to get into the community to see how the demand for affordable housing in the community is being met. Today, the Greenville Housing Fund team did that by going the [...]

Affordable Housing Wins

Greenville residents got a major win this week. County Council passed incentives to support affordable housing at Unity Park, according to the Greenville Journal. From the article: Council gave [...]

Happy New Year

Everyone at the Greenville Housing Funds want to wish you a Happy New Year. We look forward to a 2024 where we continue to create more affordable housing opportunities across Greenville.    

GHF Board of Directors Upcoming Meetings


January 18th, 2024: 9am, CommunityWorks JudHub

February 15th, 2024: 9am, CommunityWorks JudHub

March 21st, 2024: 9am, CommunityWorks JudHub

April 18th, 2024: 9am, CommunityWorks JudHub

April 30th, 2024: 8:30am, CommunityWorks JudHub: Special Board Meeting

May 9th, 2024: 9am, CommunityWorks JudHub

June 20th, 2024: 9am, CommunityWorks JudHub

August 15th, 2024: 9am, CommunityWorks JudHub

September 19th, 2024: 9am, CommunityWorks JudHub

October 17th, 2024: 9am, JudHub

November 21st, 2024: 9am, JudHub

December 2024: Annual Meeting (Date and Location TBD)