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The Greenville Housing Fund’s Tina Belge was quoted in today’s Greenville News about some of the recent efforts to increase affordable housing in our community. In particular, Tina was asked to talk about the impact of Greenville County’s changes to its ordinances mean for affordable housing.

The county’s policy, which was approved last October, gives tax breaks to developers who build affordable housing units for residents who earn between 40% and 80% of Greenville County’s average median household income. (That number is $68,540 according to 2021 American Community Survey one-year estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.)

From the article”:

“It incentivizes developers to carve out affordable units within their development. This is a proven strategy other communities have used across the country to create more affordable housing,” Belge said. “This abatement is in particular more of a game changer because of the level of affordability. It serves our restaurant and retail workers at 40%, not just the typical 60%-80% AMI affordable rents we commonly see used alongside a tax abatement.”




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