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The Greenville Housing Fund accomplished a lot of projects and endeavors in 2022, but as we start 2023, we want to let your know about some of our key goals for the coming 12 months.

  • Focused investment on infill/homeownership in special emphasis neighborhoods.
  • Better support Affordable Housing Coalition partners with financing support and leverage their work in these neighborhoods.
  • Ramp up land banking in these neighborhoods to preserve affordability.

Our priorities include:

  • Planning & Development at Unity Park. (Workforce at Oscar, Meadow and Nassau Southernside Senior)
  • SC Housing Affordable Housing Programs (LIHTC, SCHTC, SRDP, SCHTF).
  • Increase Public and Private Investment Resources.
  • Secure State ARPA Allocation for Affordable Housing.
  • Greenville County Investment for Affordable Housing 2023-24 Budget.
  • Support Implementation of County Affordable Housing Incentive.
  • LMO/UDO with effective Affordable Housing Incentive.

Check back with us in December to see how we did.




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