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FOX Carolina did an outstanding piece on the local affordable housing in Greenville this week. Our own Tina Belge was interviewed. From the piece:

Greenville welcomes new residents every day, which puts a strain on the number of affordable housing options in the county. Many organizations are working to make a difference but the need grows more dire. New data shows Greenville’s Area Median Income has increased by 4 percent. While that might sound like a good thing, this could lead to a rise in rent costs.

“It’s kind of a good and bad thing,” said Tina Belge, the Policy and Advocacy Director for the Greenville Housing Fund.

The non-profit works to create and preserve affordable housing options. One key factor in doing that, is the area median income—or AMI.

“Different folks, maybe at double or sometimes triple the income, are moving from other areas into the southeast,” said Belge.

The Greenville Housing Fund and other organizations continue to advocate and push for more housing options. If you need housing assistance or any other type of assistance, check out the Greenville Homeless Alliance’s new Homelessness Resource Guide to find the resources that fit your needs.

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